Scum Of The Slum

Snapshots from my life + Some professional work mixed in.

All photos © Anthony Ryan Tripoli/Thrashonistas.

TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW VANYARD 3 LABOR DAY EDITION!!! BYOB and bring shit for the grill. I’ll grill whatever. Food is limited tomorrow because of being so last minute. Last pool party at our house for the summer!!! Text me or @jasminescrafty for the address. #Eddieing #drunkeddie #JakeIsTheNewEddie #vanyard #adultswim #poolboyq #yaaahhh #freakygirl #gucci

How the kid hits the dro.

I was on TV last week for Extra TV/Zappos in the background of this trend report doing a photo shoot.

Sporting that well-fed, there’s my trend report haha.

Stoned on the low.

Get to see my best friend in 5 days.

Marlon & Julian (julianxberman)

Drive 20 minutes outside of Vegas and it’s like you’re in a different world.

Night moves with my homie kingstonphoto

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