Scum Of The Slum

Snapshots from my life + Some professional work mixed in.

All photos © Anthony Ryan Tripoli/Thrashonistas.

Shot a portrait of my friend Clayton today.

Fight dance your heart out.

White boy snap.

Good ol fashioned fight dancing.

This app is too much fun. Redefining the selfie.

Team lunches. Halfway through our shoot.

Pretty boy swag.

Drinks with @levistocke

I am nature.

Hair and makeup time.

Work flow.

Pho. Hangover cure.

Pot stickers!!!

I “DJ’ed” my friend Mikey’s 30th bday. It was a white party in a suit at Palms Place. He snapped these 35mm photos of me at the party.


Zappos Couture
Vince Sant - Wilhelmina

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